I’m Still Writing

The time certainly seems to fly. I recall updating this site much more in the past than I have been recently. I think it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and actually get back into the updates. I have this curse of being completely terrible when it comes to communications with other people. My friends hate it, but my ADD causes me to completely forget about texting/calling them back. Oh, and Facebook birthdays are no exception. There’s no rhyme or reason to who I wish happy birthday to, so please don’t take it personally if I don’t wish you happy birthday.

Changing this haphazard method of communicating has been one of my resolutions for the new year and I’ve been acting almost like New Years never happened. (It could be because my memory is a bit fuzzy. Scorpion bowls on New Years has become a bit of a tradition for me, and if you want to have a memorable night punishing your kidneys I recommend you try it.) Well, this disappointment aside, I look to declare a new “Half-Year” resolution and make a better attempt at keeping this site from collecting dust.

I have been writing new music lately, and there are plans in the future for another album. I can’t give you any specifics, but I can tell you there will be music on it – and it will be good. I’ve been working on some co-writes with one of my best friends Brian Jarvis, and even if they may not make it on an album any time soon, I’m still very excited for it. He’s a great songwriter and performer, and you should check him out if you haven’t already. (gotjarvis.com) We’ll be working on producing the album together, as well as soliciting help from other fellow musicians to make this new project even better than the last!

So hang on tight, there’s going to be some new things coming your way in the next few months. Maybe big things. Just wait.